Business Growth Strategist

You run an SME (Small to Midsize Enterprise) and want someone to temporarily lead the most important aspect of your business’ health: Revenue

This is not just New Business Development. Nor is it just a “VP of Sales.”

A Business Growth Strategist is responsible for every process that creates revenue. I’ll connect and align all your revenue-related functions.

Profit Training

Business Owners hire me to train their employees company-wide in various business skills like:

  • cost-cutting strategies

  • lead generation & nurturing strategies

  • creative no-cost & low-cost marketing strategies

  • creating systems

This means while your current employees are focused on their job description, I’ll be obsessed with creating new revenue and profit growth for your company leaving no stone unturned.

For you, it means more revenue and profit, more frequent purchases, and increased customer lifetime value.

That’s money you can invest back into your company:

  • Employee raises

  • Hire new employees

  • Invest in Learning & Development, Upskilling

  • Develop new products and services

  • How else would you invest it?

People who work with me in this way understand the incredible leverage and competitive advantage this gives their company.

By training an army of your employees with many of these skills you create a company full of well-fertilized minds that can find ways to impact your financial health in their corner of the company.

Did you know that a mere 3% impact in 12 areas of a business would double the profit in most companies?

How easy would it be to get not just 12 people to make a small impact, but tens or hundreds?

Self-Paced Learning

How would you like a simple, proven, and tested way you can double your profits with little time, effort or expense on your part?


Success is a team sport. You need help building your business to record levels of profitability.